Sunday, May 15, 2011

oohhhh highschool.

My highschool expierence has been something else. I mean, how many people can say they went to highschool at a trailer park? Not very many. There was one thing that really created a strong bond between me and my two best friends (Brenda and Abby of course). We have had some really amazing times, like sledding, school projects, long sleepless sleepovers, but nothing will beat some of the lunches we have had. One day Brenda and I really wanted Abby to make some liquid come our of her nose. She was obvisouly not for it at all! But she eventually did it. Abigail Mae Brodin made chocolate milk come out of her nose! It was the best thing Brenda and I had ever seen in our whole life! We were all on the ground, about to pee our pants, laughing so hard! And ever since that day we ask Abby all the time to make milk come out of her nose, and she always says no. But good news, she did say that maybe to tie up our highschool years she would do our last week of school, so EVERYONE keep their fingers crossed!!


My senior project was amazing. I will tell the story from the begginging. Brenda and I both knew that we wanted to do a dance show like a previous senior did. We knew that we would each do dances together, and individually. We also knew that we would have Abby's video be shown during our intermission. And one day our whole plan changed. Abby's video wasn't going to work, so we let her join us in our dance show. And that is how we got the "A" to create B.A.K. We started collaborating ideas around March of our Junior year. We really started to finalize ideas around January of our senior year. When I would start to choreograph a dance I would do it in steps. For example, one of the dances I first thought of the dancers I wanted to use. I then thought about the styles I like seeing those dancers dance. I would then come up with many eight counts randomlly in dance class, or just any class. And then I would either just let a song come to me, or over time the movements and dancers would get me to think of a song. Some of the dances were more diffucult to teach than others. When I had to teach my dance that had eight dancers, that was much more difficult then when I had one. There was more difficulties then just teaching, along the way there was drama, good times, bad times, tears, and smiles. It was all worth it in the end when our show was all over. It went so fast and so smooth. Everyone enjoyed the dances and the food. I was so glad and very relieved when it was all over, but it was an expierence that I would never take back.
-I will always love B.A.K

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Show and Tell-My Toy Blanky

My toy blanky is something that I have cherished my entire life. It was given to me as a new born. It has been there for me through thick and thin, sad times and happy times. When I leave my toy blanky some where it is a huge deal, that is why i have a back up. Nothing beats the original though. I have to curl it up into a ball/circle every night and sleep on it. I am pretty sure it use to be white, but now it is an off (some what dingy) white. The pattern has three different baby toys that range all over it. It is about two by two feet. It is still extremely soft to the touch. The toy colors are light pink, light blue, light green, and light yellow. The actual toys that are on the blanket are a baby bottle, baby alphabet blocks, a rattle, and a safety pin. The edges of the blanky have been re-stiched over three times, that being a triple stich, not single. The corners are all falling apart and ripping from the blanket. It has permawrinkles (permant wrinkles) from being folded, slept with, cried on, large amounts of drool, and many many washes.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Spring "Break"

You may be wondering why I quoted break, well my spring break was NO break. Here is the story of my spring hell. It all began on Monday the 21st of March when I knew what kind of spring break I was going to have. On Monday I has diagnosed with a bladder infection, the doctor told me that I only needed to take the pain medication for a couple of days, so come Thursday the 24th of March. That morning I decided that I didn't need to take the pain medicine because I felt fine, or so I thought. I did feel fine till about 1 pm. I began to the feel the burning sensation, I told myself that I could just take my pain medicine when I got home, which was going to be around 4 pm. So, I continued with my day. Sat in English class, went to my TA period, and after school I had to teach a dance, this is when the pain really began. Once I got home I took two pain medications, around 6 pm I knew I was in trouble. I couldn't walk, couldn't sit still, and was in the worst pain of my life. My mom and I went to the ER in Eagle (I threw up the entire way there). Once we arrived at the Emergency Room I ran straight to the bathroom, continued throwing up. This was becoming the worst event in my entire life...three doses of morphine and 6 1/2 hours later....I had been injected 13 times threw my IV, had two pelvic examines, a huge catheter, two ultrasounds, an awful chemical drink before the cat scan (that I eventually threw up, so that was awesome), and the cat scan. After all this the doctor comes in and says, "well you passed a kidney stone to your bladder, and you have two more up in your kidneys." I couldn't say anything, I mean what are you suppose to say when someone tells you that? I didn't know either. So had no school Friday. But over my spring break my mom and I got an awesome tattoo together. It was a bonding experience that I will never forget, obviously since it's permanent. My spring break was going pretty good, just a lot of pills, rest, and water! I thought I was fine, all until Monday, the 4th of April rolls around. I began to experience the same pain that I had on Thursday. My mom took me to the quick care in Eagle, yes all the way to State and Eagle (all because we have yet to discover the technology to transfer people's records). After waiting for about 15 minutes I was taken back, took a urine sample, well actually gave them one. The doctor said my pee was clear as day, she didn't believe this so she sent it off to get cultured. What can I say, people love my urine :] she then went on to say that one of my ureter tube was extremely swollen and liquids were trying to go UP the tube, and liquids (pee) should only go DOWN the tube. I am now going to have to go see a urologist on Wednesday because she said there was something wrong but she was unable to determine what that was. And for Tuesday, had to sleep in the bathroom..ICE (in case of emergency). I also had to attempt to teach a group of eight dancers a dance. Came home and slept for two hours, and now attempting to write a blog. Now you can see why I would rather call this my spring hell, not my spring break.

it's what kidney stones will do to you.

Friday, March 18, 2011

5, 6, 7, STRESS

Dance is something that causes a hateful love. I hate to love dance. This is for many reason. Dance gives me an outlet to express myself, it gives me a way to show people a passion and a love I have for dance. My senior project is only a few weeks away, and it has become one of the most stressful events in my life. I have to choreograoh three dances. One of my dances has eight dancers in it, this has been extremely stressful in many ways. The major factor is that since it involoves younger dancers, they all want to be noticed and have the coolest part in the dance. This causes me to be stressed and unhappy. I am the type of person that wants to please everyone and make everyone happy. I know that in the end everything will be fine and it will turn out well, just getting over this hump has been difficult.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pain is Beauty.

Dance comes with a lot of pain. Not only physical pain, but also emotional pain. I have been hurt plenty of times because of dance. The worst accident was learing a ligiment in my ankle. It all started when we were practicing leaps. It was my freshmen year and I was in Dance III, so there were seniors in my class. I loved having seniors becuase I was able to watch them and try to be as good as them. We began doing side leaps, I had done side leaps many many times, but this time ended different. I did the side leap and when I went to go land, I rolled my ankle. I instantly fell to the floor and began crying and dragged myself out of the dance room. The next day I was on crutches. Dance also causes many emotional pains. Becoming over whellmed, over working yourself, and pushing yourself too hard can be many causes of this pain. The list goes on and on and is different for everyone. The point where dance begins to effect me emotionally is when I get too stressed about a dance, or at the end of the dance team season. A dancer can easily become over whellmed with dance. But in the end, I feel that all of this pain is worht the amount of love I feel for this passion.

Dance for Life.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Dance. I'm involved in dance in so many ways. It's how I live my life, and what my life revolves around. I dance with many, many people everyday, but the person that is most important when it comes to dance is my dance teacher/coach, Mrs. Brown. I have been one of her students for six years now. I dance everyday of my life. I dance Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I begin dancing at 9:30 am and go till 11:15am, then I dance again from 2:30pm to 3:45pm. This is a standard week, sometimes I may start earlier in the morning and go later in the afternoon. or might only dance till 11:15am. I also might dance on weekends if I have a dance competition. I only dance at school, studio gets too spendy, and I just get too annoyed with other "dancers" there. I dance because it's my passion, love, and pretty much my life.

dance for life.